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The Benefits of In-house Label Printing

Modern business demands a great deal from companies. Their goods have to be accurately labelled, attractively packaged and comply with a vast array of regulations. Careful and creative in-house label printing can help with this.

The amount of regulation with which businesses have to comply has increased significantly over the last couple of hundred years. Part of the reason for this is the growth of international trade, with different countries each imposing their own requirements on both imports and exports. A more significant reason, however, is the greater scientific understanding of factors such as health and safety issues and food hygiene, which has led, quite rightly, to greater controls over methods of production, source identification and sell by dates, to give just a few examples. With an increasing awareness of possible litigation, no-one wants to risk claims for food poisoning or injuries caused by handling poorly labelled chemicals.

The huge explosion and expansion of internet trade and marketing has brought additional considerations into the equation, with technology changing almost on a daily basis. Life must have been much simpler for a food processing company, for instance, in the early twentieth century, with fairly basic packaging and simple, black and white labels on products.

With all the pressures of modern commerce, it’s not surprising that many companies have discovered the benefits of buying or leasing their own, in-house colour label printer, from a reputable company such as QuickLabel, at http://www.quicklabel.co.uk/ Label printing is an essential part of the manufacturing process, so being able to control the volume and content of the labels for different products, whether the production run is for several thousand or just twenty, is a real advantage.

Many consumers are looking for particular brands when they shop in supermarkets or other retail outlets and they identify these items by the labelling and packaging. They are accustomed to the familiar logos and colours of their favourite items and know where to find the information they need on the labels. Other shoppers examine the printed labels carefully for information about potential allergies such as gluten or nuts, for instance, or for the list of ingredients or calorific values of food products.

With modern, digital label printers, manufacturers can provide all this information really easily, as the printers come with software that is compatible with the production technology, so can be modified and adapted to whatever is currently on line. In-house label printing also means that you can produce as many labels as you want, when you need them, without having to wait for an external supplier. Most digital label printers can cope easily with different graphics, barcodes and logos, so that your label design can be attractive and creative, as well as informative.

If you have specialist needs, such as double-sided printed labels of the kind used for furniture, or on clothing, which might include price information as well as care or laundry instructions, then it is possible to buy colour label printers (perhaps in two colours if that is all you need) that can produce durable, high resolution labels in the quantities you need, without having the potential cost of wasted labels when there is a minimum print run for external orders. The bottom line is always important!

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